Harville Hendrix

Proactive, Preventive, and Powerful

Happy 2019!

We are delighted to wrap up yet another soulful year with you at the Sustainable Wellness soul sanctuary. We uplift all who have experienced breakthroughs and improvements this year and want to share one such story here.

We thank you for allowing us to guide you in your transformative journey! The preventive lifestyle journey is more fun with a guide by your side, isn't it?!

Speaking of prevention, a key cause of chronic disease is unaddressed historical emotional stress and trauma stored in the body, mind, and heart. ACE's study reveals how developmental childhood trauma is correlated with an increased occurrence of physical and psychological conditions such as diabetes, heart conditions, depression, and addictions, and anxiety just to name a few in adulthood. Read more about the study here.

Thanks to all the different trauma research and the work of Harville Hendrix PhD and Helen Hunt PhD, the authors of Getting the Love You Want, a NY best seller, we now know that an effective way to heal and reduce the impact of developmental trauma is by consciously creating healing relationships in adulthood through relationship and trust building skills such as the Imago Dialogue.

Conscious communication skills help us to create healthy, wholesome, and empowering relationships. Through conscious communication, we can regulate our nervous systems better during hard moments, recognize and reduce breakdowns while restoring trust and respect with others. As a result, we feel more connected with each other and therefore more supported, empathetic, open, and heard with each other. As we communicate more effectively, our professional and personal relationships heal and improve. As our relationships improve, our overall quality of life improves.

A preventive approach to health and a conscious approach to relationships is truly where the future of collective wellness is headed because it is easier and more powerful to take proactive action than to take action after a breakdown. More of us are recognizing that when we take proactive action in taking charge of our joy and well being, we feel greater vitality and inspiration in our lives.

To become a part of this proactive and powerful journey, join us in 2019!