Soul Justice Coaching Sessions

You’re either making soul-aligned choices that empower you to move through the painful and dark experiences of past/present trauma or you are making choices that are not aligned with your soul that disempower you and disconnect you further from yourself and the world around you. Your ability to feel empowered, grounded, aligned, principled, and clear in your life and about your choices are what the Soul Justice coaching sessions are about.

In every session we’ll work together by bringing awareness to unconscious behaviors/thoughts/patterns that stem from your shadow side while assessing your relationship to the impact of socio-political trauma that are ready to shift and release at a soul level. 

This work frees up the space for expansion and transformation so that deep rootedness can shape and direct your life confidently. 

Soul Justice sessions bring you into the fullness of who you are in a meaningful and non dogmatic way through spiritual and practical tools that I’ve developed based in the principals of alignment, justice, somatic awareness, and cosmic consciousness. Each session supports you being more empowered to live in alignment and in integrity with your highest and whole self. This guidance can helps your discern your highest self from your lower/fearful ego self.

Benefits of Sessions:

  • Confidential discussions within a sacred space

  • Tap into unconscious beliefs and values that may be holding you back

  • Greater confidence in navigating conflicts and challenges

  • Emotional discovery and release

  • Energetic transformation

  • Align and adjust the energy within your chakra system

  • Improved awareness and facilitation of your inner thoughts and feelings

  • Clarity and confidence in decision-making

  • Affirmation of your worth and value

  • Reduced stress/anxiety

Your sessions can be individually delivered or delivered within a program.  In individually directed sessions, there is no upfront commitment required of your time and we schedule session to session.

1hr. Individual sessions: $155
4 sessions package: $140/session; $560 total
Sliding scale fees are also available and can be discussed privately

Each session will begin with a brief discussion on what you would like to explore/work on. It could be a challenge you are facing in life, in a relationships, at work, an emotional struggle, a physical concern, or a spiritual curiosity.  You can expect the sessions to be spiritually and intuitively guided from there. There is no strict agenda. Instead, the session will evolve based on the thoughts that arise in you and gentle suggestions for guiding you in the direction of your goals. Each session may or may not include discussions, breathing exercises, gentle movements, reflective exercises, chakra work, intuitive readings, reflections, and more.

If you are coming in ready to commit and invest more towards yourself and to this work, then a more structured coaching package is available according to the following programs below.

soul Awareness

Soul Awareness: Level 1

If you decide to enroll in a monthly Soul Guide program (4 sessions minimum), your sessions will follow the outline below and explore the questions/topics below. 

Session 1: Discover and define your soul’s work. Explore and establish what soul alignment work looks like in your life today in the context of your socio-political history/identities, busy life, and future vision. 

Session 2: Uncover the shadows/obstacles: Certain patterns/beliefs/shadows/traumas often get in the way of attracting desired/new opportunities, but maybe you don’t know what that belief is or maybe you feel stuck as to how to change it.  I use my intuitive abilities and my knowledge of practical strategies that create shifts in energy and beliefs to help you best use and activate the Soul Guide that is inherently within you. 

Session 3: Create deep rootedness: Create/plan your unique soul aligned life. What principles and spiritual practices will activate your connection to your soul and allow you to befriend your inner Soul Guide? How do you root deeply in the power of your soul’s wisdom? 

Session 4: Create both an inner and outer sanctuary for your Soul Guide.  How do you keep your soul protected, inspired, and aligned for the long haul? What accountability structure is needed in your life to support and nurture your Soul Guide with joy, freedom, and fire moving forward? 

Want to Dive Deeper? More advanced packages are revealed upon finishing the first four sessions/Soul Awareness. 

Soul Alignment & Soul Mastery 

Soul Alignment: Level 2
Consists of 8 sessions

Soul Mastery: Level 3
Consists of 8 sessions