Why restrict the beauty of meditation to one hour when you can be experiencing it every moment of life? Learn to live your life as one huge ongoing meditation.
— Sonali Sadequee

Why restrict the beauty of meditation to one hour when you can be experiencing it every moment of your life? Learn to live your life as one huge ongoing meditation!

When we live as conscious participants with a sense of detachment from the ego, and yet with deep connection and divine insight, we can co-create with the soul.

Learn the best of what Western psychology and Eastern meditative practices have to teach you to support you with an ongoing soulful life experience where co-creation is your lifestyle.  

For thousands of years people have used meditation to reach total peace and oneness with themselves and the infinite nature of existence. Thousands of meditation techniques, traditions, and technologies have existed across history throughout the world, but the essence of meditation remains singular to this present day: the cultivation of mindful awareness and expanded consciousness for a blissful life experience.

In meditation classes with Sonali, you will learn a series of meditation practices that help to calm your nervous system, enhance and optimize brain function, de-stress the mind, and release stagnant/blocked energy from the body so that  you learn how to align your mind, body, and heart towards cultivating inner calmness, clarity, freedom, and a soulful connection moment to moment.

There are three basic types of meditation

1. Controlled Focus: Concentration techniques involve the most mental effort or cognitive control. Meditations such as Zen, Compassion, Qigong, Kundalini Yoga and Vipassana involve concentration and control of the mind. The brain wave pattern characteristic of such “externally” focused practices is called gamma (20-50 Hz). Indeed, gamma waves are seen whenever we focus our attention, even outside of meditation.

2. Open Monitoring: Meditations such as Mindfulness-type practice and Kriya Yoga involve less cognitive control and observation of the breath, body states, thoughts or emotions. The brain wave pattern of internal focusing, theta (5-8 Hz), is seen during these meditations. Theta is observed in the brain any time we monitor or observe internal mental processes.

3. Automatic Transcendence: Meditations such as TM involve no cognitive control and going beyond or transcending the thinking process, leading to a state of pure consciousness. During this state we see the brain wave pattern of maximum alertness or mental clarity,  alpha1 (8-10 Hz).

In your meditation coaching program, you will be introduced to over ten different meditations. Below are some examples:

  • Energy meditation
  • Pranayama (breath meditation)
  • Mental Centering meditation
  • Torus Meditation
  • Guided visualization for healing meditation
  • Mindful eating meditation
  • Driving meditation
  • Vibration/tapping meditation 
  • Chakra meditation
  • Mantra meditation
  • Kriya meditation