Food is medicine, and medicine is food” when we use it for healing rather than entertainment. Be inspired and motivated to achieve and sustain your wellness goals through the power of healing foods and eating style.

  • Learn what foods are recommended by leading edge research and ancient Eastern sciences to feel your absolute best
  • Learn how to prepare and enjoy foods to become and stay healthy for the long haul
  • Set yourself up for long-term success with practical and doable holistic lifestyle tools


Private yoga lessons with Sonali are a delivery of Alignment-based Trauma Conscious yoga. Her teachings on alignment are inspired by her master teacher, Aadil Palkhivala, the founder of College of Purna Yoga. She is also trained by David Emerson of the Trauma Center of Justice Resource Institute to help her students realign their nervous systems and reinforce conscious emotional and psychological regulation. Sonali emphasizes safety, personal attention, and a soulful connection in all her classes.  



Learn a series of meditation practices that help to calm your nervous system, enhance and optimize brain function, de-stress the mind, and release stagnant/blocked energy from the body so that  you learn how to align your mind, body, heart, and soul for the purpose of cultivating inner calmness, clarity, and freedom moment to moment.


Communications Coaching

Whether you are seeking to create long-lasting and deeper connections with people in your life like a significant other or a family member/friends/co-workers, Imago communication tools will teach you how to get out of your own way so that you can be a more effective and empathetic communicator with people in your life. Learn how to become effective at creating stronger and more productive relationships through your words, tone, and language. Conscious communication coaching services are for those of us who seek to learn and practice how to communicate effectively to inspire the desired results in both personal and professional relationships.