Organizational Communication Training

How to build a strong team and organization through “Relational” communication

High quality relational skills are at the heart of all successful leadership skills, workplace, teams, and organizations.

All that conflict growth waiting to happen.
Learn to see conflict as an adventure into your deeper self and something positive, and you are already halfway towards a solution.
— Sonali Sadequee, Imago Communication Facilitator

Many organizations and groups suffer from stress, turnover, job dissatisfaction, low productivity, burnout, resentment, and other burdens. Ineffective communication leading to suboptimal relationships amongst team members is usually (if not always) one of the root causes of these problems.

Effective communication is a skill.

Skills can be aquaired.

As a facilitator, Sonali empowers team members with innovative communication tools to connect with each other, relate to each other, build with one another, and inspire each other.

group facilitation Team Building communication coaching

Sonali works with leaders/team members/professionals integrate psychologically safe communication skills that enable them to be effective with each other. She teaches you how to prevent/deescalate conflicts, repair hurts and dissolve frustrations quickly rather than let them fester and build up.

Upgrade how you communicate,
Choose how you connect,
Improve how you lead.
— Sonali Sadequee, Imago Communication Facilitator

Professionals learn how to safely hear and speak to each other with mutual respect, appreciation, and healthy boundaries/self awareness -critical ingredients to sustaining meaningful professional relationships.

Professionals also learn how to co-create an environment of kindness and clarity which enhances their ability to enjoy working with each other, and therefore, being more productive with each other while lowering their stress simultaneously.

Sonali’s trainings bring time-tested, psychologically sound, and practical tools to help you transform the whole culture of communication in your organization. She teaches you relational skills based in neuroscience and psychology to help you proactively create and experience an emotionally resilient, positive, and joyful working environment.

INTRODUCTORY SESSION: A 2hrs. orientation session: Offers a sample of some of the fundamental communication tools needed to create an emotionally smooth and safe connection.

LEVEL 1: A 12 hrs. Safe Organization, Inspired Members Training: Delivered over six modules or over a two-day training.

Topics covered:

  • Building safety and trust: How to cultivate an environment that brings respect, ease, trust, connection, support, and accountability

  • Communication practices that grow relationships and leave participants feeling heard, valued, appreciated, inspired, and invested in their work and the team

  • Conflict resolution: Enable the emotional safety and connectedness needed to navigate through challenging conversations and transform breakdowns/pitfalls/patterns

  • Give feedback: How to offer feedback/reviews in ways that can be received without defensiveness or hurt

  • Enhance collaboration and cooperation while respecting differences

  • Navigate/eliminate negative energy with ease even in the midst of stress and tension

  • Transform frustrations into empowered requests and healthy boundaries

  • Upgrade and calibrate verbal and non-verbal communication

6 hrs training on Individual and Team Resilience

Topics covered:

  • How the human nervous system regulates itself and how it influences your ability to deal with stressful situations

  • Prevent the underlying reasons behind defensiveness/avoidant/bullying behaviors showing up at the workplace

  • The growth stages of the human being and how it parallels growth phases/changes of the organization

  • How to build a culture of appreciation within the organization


Contact Sonali to book your workshop and for pricing questions. Pricing is dependent on size of group and process required.