Sonali Sadequee CHHC, RYT 500

Imago Communication, yoga, health, lifestyle, & soul Guide

It is my mission everyday to find new ways to inspire people to create a life that is self-actualized. I am never willing to settle for anyone being less than what is possible for them”
— Sonali Sadequee, Founder of Sustainable Wellness

Sonali is passionate about educating and supporting busy individuals in their journey towards achieving and sustaining wholeness while creating healthy relationships to themselves and the world around them. She is professionally trained in the art of safe conversations, alkaline foods, alignement-based yoga, & energy meditation.

She is a certified trauma-informed-alignment-based Purna yoga teacher, certified by the College of Purna Yoga.  She has been teaching the movement arts for over ten years.  Her roots are in Hatha yoga, Purna Yoga, Social Justice, Trauma-sensitive-yoga, integrative nutrition, Imago communication, tantra energy, and her own journey in exploring the mystery of Life. Movement, spirituality, and deep self-exploration have always been sources of transformation and healing for Sonali throughout her life.

 Sonali has training in Trauma Sensitive Yoga from David Emerson and Jenn Turner who are with the Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute. Sonali brings alignment-based-spirit-filled yoga to Atlanta and to various national social justice networks. She is also trained in the Community Resilience Model developed by Trauma Resource Institute.

Sonali is also a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, certified by the Teachers college of Columbia University and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Sonali educates her clients about plant-strong foods and meal options via her Food for Life Cooking Instructor certification from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM).

When it comes to nutrition, Sonali specializes in coaching busy professionals, community organizers, and survivors of trauma find effective ways to sustain healthy lifestyle habits while addressing chronic illness such as diabetes, weight gain, HBP, and high cholesterol.

As a certified Imago Professional Communication Facilitator, Sonali is grounded in principals of deep listening, social justice, non-violence, attachment theory, and trauma-based neuroscience. She believes in getting to the heart of the matter and is not afraid to dive deep when necessary. She integrates the needs, experiences, and wisdom of people of color, immigrants, refugees, women, low-income, TLGBIQ, and people with various disabilities.  Sonali understands that it is critical to create safe spaces and containers for conscious and empathetic dialogues to occur in everyday exchanges/relationships.

She brings conflict resolutions and neuroscience principles in her coaching sessions to ensure a safe container for individuals, dyads, and group clients. She helps clients develop the ability to build appropriate and empathetic relationships while being engaged and effective communicators in their daily lives both personally and professionally.  Sonali intends to radically transform the culture of communication in the world in partnership with Imago relationship movement.

Sonali serves in a variety of settings, including universities, medical clinics, corporate offices, gyms, non-profit agencies, vacation retreat centers, and private residences.