Express with Justice

Conscious Communication for Social Justice

This 6-part Conscious Communication workshop series is for people who intend to create and sustain meaningful, deeply trusting, and connected relationships in life while actively dismantling racism/sexism/homo/transphobia/xenophobia/ faith-Islamaphobia/abelism/patriarchy/colonization.

In the series, you will learn communication tools needed to hold, navigate, and move through challenging dynamics that are rooted in race, faith, ability, TLGBTIQA and/or class issues. You will learn the verbal and nonverbal skills needed to navigate these triggering and sensitive dimensions.

The tools introduced to you will help you develop and maintain safety, trust, and authentic connection.  As a group, we will explore and deconstruct systems and social issues without attacking or shutting off people. Instead, we will learn how to hold space for the complexity of social dynamics in the spirit of creating safety and affirmation, justice and love. 

You will be introduced to a time-tested mind-body-emotional regulation framework that provides a relational container to navigate and explore sensitive topics and places of privilege effectively with each other with respect and humility.

The results of this kind of communication is a greater sense of safety, bond, connection, trust, and meaningfulness rather than frustration, disconnection, regretfulness, judgement, blame, shame, etc. .

Some questions that will be explored, but not exclusive to this list:

    1    How to use communication to dismantle racism/sexism/homo/transphobia/xenophobia/faith/Islamaphobia/abelism?

    2    How to build bridges in a way that is safe, trustworthy, effective, and therefore, sustainable and authentic?

    3    How to become conscious of privilege and power dynamics in relationships/conversations?

    4    How to offer support around past hurt w/o patronizing/fetishizing/blaming/shaming /judging/etc.?

    5    How to ask for support from people in our lives without entitlement/expectation/demand/etc.?

    6    How to take care of ourselves when conversations get to hot to handle?

    7    How to inspire and influence our relationships without manipulation and other colonizing tactics?


Why Conscious Communication?  

For many of us, it can feel hard connecting with people who are different than us (or even people in our daily lives like our partners/relatives/co-workers).

In our intention to create a more proactive, inclusive, affirmed, kind and connected world, upgrading our communication with each other and especially with people who are different than us becomes imperative. This can feel especially challenging for some of us who are used to interacting with mainly our “own kind” on a regular basis. The politically tough times we are currently in encourages many of us to forge relations with people that are different than us. However, it can feel daunting to know where to start and how to do it effectively and productively. This workshop was created in response to this reality.

A safe relationship environment is made possible through training your nervous system and your brain to stay conscious. It is important to know how to stay in the neocortex function of your brain (rather than dip into the emotional/reactive/unconscious brain) in real-time, especially during sensitive and tough conversations. 

Therefore, in this workshop series, facilitator will cover the communication strategies that help you to stay in the neocortex so that you may feel effective in your communication with everyone you wish to build healthy, sustainable, trustworthy relationships with.

We will be introducing advanced tools designed for navigating certain challenging and triggering conversations that will be built on the foundations covered in the initial workshop.

Everyone is invited to bring their questions/communication challenges to this workshop so that you may be supported.

Session Outline:

Session 1: Introduction workshop: We will discuss how past painful experiences may get in the way of how we communicate today, how we hear messages, how we express ourselves, and what is needed to better respond to misunderstandings and reactions known as “triggers”. 

Session 2: Deconstruct the social playing field context. Introduce the spheres of influence and system of oppression.  Explore what is needed to level the oppressive dynamics and the imbalanced playing field in real time no matter who you are interacting with.

Session 3: Discuss how to build trust and rapport with sharp and effective listening skills. Learn how to navigate the judgements and negativities that creep into your mind while listening to the other person. 

Session 4: Discuss the importance of sender responsibility and how to speak with awareness as a person with certain privilege/s. Discuss how to build/express the vulnerability muscle.

Session 5: Learn what and how to develop deep relationships/bridges that can withstand bumps along the way. Learn where to begin healing/repairing damaged relationships once triggered/trust is compromised. 

Session 6: Group activity: Conscious communication skits. Group feedback activity/celebration.


Benefit of Developing Conscious Communication Practices:

Enjoyment of a conversation container where the speaker/sender feels safe, compelled, and trusting rather than feeling judged, blamed, shamed, or unheard. The results of such a space is designed to foster a greater sense of connection with one’s own emotional/mental state, a sense of connection with each other, self awareness, calmness, and/or transformation of emotional stress/prejudice/discord/etc.


Logistical details: 

Each 2 hour workshop is delivered once/week for six weeks

$65/workshop session or   

$300/one time payment for entire series        

3% tax is applied to each payment. 

No make-ups or refunds available for missed sessions

If you are interested in the workshop, please email with your interest to:

Class is offered in Midtown, Atlanta.