Understanding Your "Tire Belly"


You know that chicken, beef, pork, and seafood- really, all animal protein have fat laced inside the meat, right?! A piece of animal protein isn't 100% "protein". About 1/4 (or more) of a piece of meat is usually fat.
What do you think happens to this fat after we consume it? Animal fat is harder for the body to process and metabolize, thus the body has a tendency to store it longer than plant based fat such as avocados and nuts. The body mainly stores it around our belly.  Ever experience or hear about this?
Animal protein harbors stressful energy as well and this stress gets transferred to our bodies when we consume it. Ever hear about cortisol? It is a steroid hormone and it directly effects fat storage and weight gain in stressed individuals. When cortisol is triggered in the human body, it can move fat from one part of body and deposit it to the deep abdomen area, hence tire belly syndrome.
Animal protein (and animal products in general) is also acidic to the human body.  Plain and simple, ACIDIC. But “what does that mean?” you ask. What it means is…
The body does not want to be acidic; it wants to be closer to alkaline. When body is acidic, it disrupts many of our biological processes. The more animal products we consume, the more acidic our body becomes. When the body is acidic after a certain threshold (threshold varies individual to individual), it begins a whole negative, degenerative domino cycle. An acidic body slowly breaks down pretty much every system in our body. Therefore, an acidic body becomes a fertile ground to harbor the common and modern chronic conditions such as hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, thyroid dysfunctions, osteoporosis, viral/bacterial infections, fatigue, parasites, and even mental/emotional/spiritual clogging.  I am not saying that animal products are to be blamed for chronic conditions. What is clear is that the quality and quantity of animal products significantly influence the body’s acid/alkaline relationship, making it hard for the body to thrive at it's best.  (I'm not trying to scare you, and don't be. There are solutions!)
The fantastic news is that, the human body is also amazingly resilient!!! The moment it gets the quality nourishment and care that it deserves and that it is designed to receive; it begins reversing the negative conditions and begins to transform itself.  All that it needs is our help! The body wants to be fed quality sources of food without harmful side effects! It wants the nutrients that it is designed to thrive on! (And YES, I AM saying that the human body is not designed to thrive and heal on an animal protein heavy eating habit.)
To find out if you are within your body's threshold for tolerating animal products, contact me. There is much to talk about and assess, we cannot do it justice by giving you a quick assessment quiz.  I invite you to make some time for yourself, and contact me when you are seriously ready and willing.
If you are looking for long-term solutions to your protein needs, just know that there are so many easy and yummy options for you...it's too much to write about here, so feel free to contact me!
We are all in different places in our wellness journey. We all have different concerns for our health. We also have different goals and visions for our bodies. Your wellness goals may be starkly different from mine! However, we all have blood that is red, a heart that beats, brain that processes information via electrical pulses, skin that absorbs and eliminates, and other many organs that are designed to facilitate ongoing processes.  We each have one human body, and it wants quality nutrients, and it wants it directly from the earth, untainted by the commercial food industry. It’s as simple as that. No need to make it complicated when it is already so simple.
Start here: Enjoy LOTS of greens, everyday! Romaine lettuce to sprouts  to chard greens to mustard greens to sea weed to spirulina! Try different ones on different days! Have FUN with them!!! Eat them raw or cooked. Cook them with different spices…just get them in you one way or another. Add them to your smoothies!! Make stews, wraps, cold soups! 
For further solutions: The body wants fresh fruits, plant based proteins, nuts and seeds, sea weed, root veggies, and lots of water!! Rest!! SLEEP!! DAILY PHYSICAL MOVEMENT BASED ACTIVITIES!! It wants to SWEAT!! NOURISHING TOUCH!! FRESH QUALITY AIR!! Need I keep going with examples?! 
One thing for sure, the human body thrives on plant based sources of nutrients. It DOES NOT WANT and WILL NOT THRIVE and REGENERATE ITSELF on HALF-ASS toxic, refined, chemical, and animal stuff we call food!
Remember, contact me if you feel stuck or would like a buddy by your side as you move forward. I am here for you!  To your Sustainable Wellness!