Social change for wellness

Embracing and Upgrading Community for 2017!

Dear Friends of Sustainable Wellness, 
We claim you are enjoying your holiday season and preparing for 2017! There is no denying that 2016 has been a trying year, politically, personally, and beyond. We have experienced losses, however, we have also participated in and held witness to the rise of movements that affirm our humanity and protect the very land and water that support our well being and survival. What is clear now more than ever as we close 2016 and welcome 2017 with open hearts is that we will benefit from focusing on not just our own self-care but also collective-care with authenticity and resiliency in connection with one another.  

Our world is about to change and we have courageous choices to make. Will we allow overwhelm to shut us down, to drift, resist change, and continue to "other" those things/people we do not understand, OR do we choose connection, curiosity, growth, oneness, kindness, understanding, change, and healing?

You are not alone in this journey of making challenging choices and taking courageous actions and doing it with a sense of balance and wholeness. This is not always easy, we know. However, with the proper tools and support by your side, we know it can be done in grace and wholeness rather than constant stress and overwhelm.

We at Sustainable Wellness commend you for the ongoing inner and outer work you do and we are excited to continue to support you in this life journey. 

For more support in your lifestyle journey, please do not hesitate to reach out, email, and/or connect with us on our FACEBOOK fan page and on Instagram! We are here to customize services to meet your unique needs.