Sustainable Wellness Kids Program

Educational Objectives

The overall objective of The Sustainable Wellness Kids program is to empower children with the ability to make better food choices and obtain kitchen skills necessary to prepare quick, easy, and healthy meals.

Specific learning objectives include: 

  • Understand how food choices affect health, energy level, and performance in school/sports
  • Understand how food choices relate to energy and performance goals
  • Learn the basic science behind what kinds of nutrients build/damage the body at the cellular level
  • Understand why eating healthy can be challenging these days
  • Recognize deception in food advertisements
  • Become familiar with food labels: what to enjoy/avoid
  • Know how to make healthy food substitution requests to adults in a supermarket or 
  • restaurant
  • Be able to summarize several key reasons why eating well is important


The Sustainable Wellness Kids program is administered over four modules.
Each module is a total of 2 hours:  1 hour involves pre-test, DVD presentation, and interactive discussion; second hour involves hands-on food/cooking demonstration and post-test.
Every module involves a pre-test and a post-test to track and record student’s intellectual understanding of the lesson. 
Practical integration will happen at home as the children are encouraged to prepare each item at least once prior to their next lesson. Parents are asked to be supportive in a timely manner to the children’s shopping/prepping needs for potentially new ingredients/supplies for the kitchen.
Food prepping sessions involve the following projects for EXAMPLE: Smoothies, hummus finger wraps, bliss balls, Romain Taco, sprout sandwich, yogurt parfait, & healthy snack bars.


$225/module/2 children
If the children want to take food home, then grocery charge of $10 is applied to each child.
(For a group of 8 or more children, prices lower significantly and a price quote is available after a complimentary 30 mins. initial discussion with the designated adult coordinator.)