Professional Communication Coaching Workshop


This training involves training team members effective and transformative communication skills that enable them to be more effective in their communication with each other and their ability to hear and influence each other with a greater sense of mutual respect and self awareness. Team members learn how to develop empathy, deep listening skills, clean expression, and authentic sharing with their team mates for enhancing the quality of their working environment.


The training will introduce practical and effective communication tools that are designed to:

  • foster a working atmosphere that promote authentic connection and expression within team
  • members in a way that feels clear, safe, and inspiring for all parties involved
  • increase self awareness and clarity of one's state of emotions and needs
  • help create stronger and more productive relationships through effective words and language
  • enhance the ability to practice mutual respect in both personal and professional relationships

About your facilitator: Sonali Sadequee CHHC, RYT

As an Imago Professional Communication Facilitator, Sonali integrates conflict management, trauma research, and neuroscience principles to provide a safe environment for individuals to communicate with each other for a successful relationship outcome. She helps clients transform conflict into resolution and helps them develop the ability to build desired connections, inviting them to become engaged and spirited participants in their relationships.

Program Structure and Investment

Five 2 hr workshops delivered over a three month time-frame
$415/session (covers up to 5-8 participants)

Payment is required two sessions in advance or in total amount of entire program.
If paying for all sessions at once, a 5% discount will be applied towards the total.
All payments are non-refundable after the final registration confirmation.
No refund is given for participants missing sessions.                

Dates for the program

Wednesday March 23rd 3-5pm
Wednesday March 30th, 3-5pm
Wednesday April 6th, 3-5pm
Wednesday April 13th, 3-5pm
Wednesday May 4th, 3-5pm (will confirm by April 13th)