Lifestyle Suggestions


Health is more than just eating well. Below you will find lifestyle suggestions designed to help you live a healthy, happy life.

•    View everything and everyone you meet with healthfelt gratitude.

•    Live each day joyfully without focusing on your problems.

•    Hum or sing a happy song every day. 

•    Foster a sense of humor. 

•    Treat yourself to regular daily quiet time—study, pray, meditate; recharge yourself. 

•    Include exercise as part of your daily life. Experiment with an exercise style that works for you. Try yoga, pilates, martial arts, walking, running, bicycling, rollerblading, swimming, dancing, weight lifting, or competitive sports. 

•    To increase your circulation, scrub your entire body with a hot damp washcloth morning and/or night.

•    Avoid wearing synthetic or woolen clothing directly on the skin. As much as possible, wear 100% cotton clothing, especially for undergarments. 

•    Avoid excessive jewelry on your fingers, wrists and neck; fewer rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and piercings allow your natural energy flow to circulate more freely.

•    Avoid chemically perfumed cosmetics. For care of the teeth, use natural toothpastes.

•    Keep your home in good order, including kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living rooms. Your home is an extension of yourself.

•    If possible, include large green plants in every room of your home and office to freshen and enrich the oxygen content of the air.

•    Minimize television watching, or at least keep a good distance away from the television.

•    Avoid cooking with electricity, especially microwave ovens. Convert to gas when practical.

•    Avoid water with chlorine and fluoride. Use spring water or a good quality water filter. 

•    Chew your food well, 30 seconds per mouthful or more, until it becomes liquid.

•    Offer thanks before and after meals. 

•    Do your best to be on good terms with people, especially your husband/wife, parents, children, brothers, sisters, friends and co-workers. Communicate with them regularly, either in person or via telephone or email.

•    Most of all, create a positive attitude and wonderful environment around you and enjoy the process of becoming healthier and happier every step of the way! 
•    Give generously of yourself/your resources.