Conscious Communication Training

for individuals and Groups  

One relationship at a time, one community at a time, may we upgrade society’s culture of communication through increasing safety and connectedness.
— Sonali Sadequee, Imago Communication Facilitator

Are you seeking to create long-lasting and deeper connections with people in your life like significant other, family member, friends, neighbors, community members, or co-workers?  Do you want to become effective and more productive in relationships through your words and presence?

We invite you to our Conscious Communication training program (CC). This program is for those who want to communicate effectively both in personal and professional relationships. 

CC program trains clients Imago communication tools and somatic resiliency tools to help them:

  • create and nurture safety and respect in all relationships

  • learn to stay calm and grounded during challenging conversations

  • learn empathy and deep listening skills

  • learn clear and respectful speaking skills

  • learn how to practice consent and mutuality

  • learn how to practice healthy boundaries

With CC skills, you will learn a new way of relating to others and regulating yourself that transforms and upgrades the quality of your all relationships. You will embody a communication style that help you navigate sensitive and/or heated conversations in a way that maintains the calm, respect, kindness, and feels healing and is actually restorative.  

The communication tools we use are based in psychology and neurology and takes into consideration the world of conflict resolution, attachment theory, and trauma research. 

As an Imago Professional Facilitator, Sonali integrates conflict management and neuroscience principles to establish a safe container for individuals to communicate with each other for a successful relationship outcome. She helps clients transform conflict into resolution and helps them develop the ability to build desired connections, inviting them to become engaged and spirited participants in their relationships.

Group Communication Training & Facilitation

Group communication training involves training team members, community organizers, and medical professionals effective communication skills that enable them to be more effective in their communication with each other while resolving conflict and discord. This training teaches participants how to hear and influence each other with a greater sense of mutual respect and self awareness. Team members learn how to embody empathy, deep listening skills, clean expression, and authentic sharing with their team mates, which enhances the quality of their ability to work with each other and in the work environment.

What will you learn in the group communication training programs?

●      Experience collaboration and cooperation while respecting differences

●      Eliminate negativity in your relationships

●      Transform conflict to connection

●      Transform frustrations into healthy requests and boundaries

●      Save energy, time and cost while increasing productivity and results

●      Upgrade and harmonize verbal and non-verbal communication

●      Proactively harness growth and development stages