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Wholistic & Integrative Self-care Community Lab

  • Enerchi Yoga Studio 2100 Cheshire Bridge Road Northeast Atlanta, GA, 30324 United States (map)

Wholistic & Integrative Self-care Community Lab
Ever wish you could get some one-on-one coaching time with a wholistic lifestyle coach and seasoned yoga teacher for 75% off!?! Well then drop in to this lab for some individualized attention with Sonali during this 1 hour integrative self-care lab. 

Wholistic, integrative care empowers you to assume greater responsibility for your self-care. It may even awaken and nurture your intuitive and spiritual awarenesses as well.

Sonali will share practices that are specific to your own unique needs. Every lab is different where specific modalities from her wholistic tool box are explained and shown based on what you need and seek. 

Whether it is a body tapping practice to eliminate physical/emotional pain, or a quick meditation that settles your anxious nerves, or a hip stretch that eases back pain, or mayo-fascial release that loosens tightness, Sonali will work with you to reveal a practice that you can take home and apply right away. Other practices that Sonali may unleash include but not limited to are: nutrition tips that help the immune/digestive systems/food allergies, communication/relationship building tools, trauma education, Reiki, EFT, Pranayama, and much more. 

You will take away individualized self-care practices to support you in being an active participant in healing yourself while creating a wholesome and soulful lifestyle. 

Price: $25 (Your save $60)
Standard price: $85 

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